Thursday, June 5, 2014

How Can Home Security Signs Deter Burglars?

Every year there are an estimated 3.7 million home burglaries. Thieves have many tricks and tactics that they use to burglarize homes. It is important that you take preventative measures to keep your home safe and burglars out.

Home security systems can be costly, but have you considered the importance of home security signs?  Even if you don't have a security system, there are several ways a security sign can help protect your home from invasion.

  • When a thief sees a security sign in your window or lawn, it is going to make them think
    twice about entering your home. Burglars want an easy target. They want to be able to get into your home and back out as quickly as possible without drawing attention to themselves.

  • Think about how many people live on your street. How many of them have security signs in their yards? Now imagine that you are a burglar, you see several houses with security signs in their yard and several without. Which home do you think is more likely to be broken into? Burglars are less likely to break into a home when they think there is a security system in place. The last thing they want is for the alarm to go off and the police to be called.

  • The cost of a security sign is a one-time payment versus the cost of installation of a security system and then the monthly payments to keep the system active.

In addition to having a security sign in your yard, it is important that you follow other safety tips. You always want to make sure that your home appears lived in. 

If you go away on vacation be sure to stop all mail and newspaper deliveries. Also, make
sure the outside of your home is well lit. Most importantly, make sure that you have at least one or two lights on inside the home at night. It is even better if the lights are on a timer so that it appears that someone is home turning them on and off.

Get home security signs now and be protected for the summer!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why Should You Install Home Security Signs?

Bill Engvall, famous comedian from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, has a bit that he does in his comedy routine about signs.  Basically, he feels some people need signs to let others know that they're stupid.  An example he gives is a friend who came over to work on a car and grabbed the exhaust pipe and burned his hand.  According to Bill, having a sign could have saved his friend injury.  Bill would've alerted him to the danger.  While signs can be a great warning, you have to have the right sign.  

  • No Trespassing.  While this sign can protect you in a
    civil law suit, it's not a great deterrent for burglars.  Face it, if they are breaking into your house (illegal) and stealing (illegal) then it's not likely that they will care that they are trespassing. 

  • Beware of Dog.  In a recent study by CBS Atlanta , five top dog breeds were put to the test to see if dogs would prevent burglary. Some yelped or whimpered.  One did tricks, and one let the burglar carry her. None fought the burglar off.  When it comes to dogs, what burglars fear the most is noise.  Their bark will alert neighbors that something is wrong.  

  • Home Security Sign.  According to the The Greenwich Study of Residential Security, homes without security signs were most likely to be broken into. Given a choice of two houses, one with a home security sign and one without, a burglar is going to choose the one without a security sign.  While the importance of home security signs is obvious, what home owners must know is that signs are not fool-proof. Careless homeowners tell burglars all they need to know.  Newspapers left piled up, no lights, and a full mailbox show that the homeowner is away for an extended period of time.  A flat screen TV box by the trash can shows exactly what this residence has to offer.  A burglar who has been casing the premises can also see if the owner is activating or deactivating the alarm or even locking the doors.  A home security sign is a great deterrent for burglary when used with common sense precautionary measures.  

Bill Engvall gives signs for stupidity.  That's a bit of a strong word, but not having a home security sign?  Well, that's not too smart.

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